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                   Chung-Li Plant

Chung-Li Plant:

Land size: 14,400 m2

Building size: 11,000 m2

Main Contact: Sandy Lee

172 Chung Yuan Road

Chung-Li, Taiwan 32068


TEL: +886-3-452-6131 extension 367

FAX: +886-3-452-6241

                   San-Chung Plant

San-Chung Plant

Land size: 9,800 m2

Building size: 8,000 m2

Main Contact: Stephen Liao

22 Kwang Fu Road

San Chung, Taiwan 24158


TEL: +886-2995-5460 extension 41

FAX: +886-2995-8156

                   Su-Zhou Plant

Su-Zhou Plant

Land size: 25,200 m2

Building size: 12,200 m2

Main Contact: James Peng 

366 Heshan Road

Suzhou New District, Suzhou, China 215129


TEL: +86-512-6662-5189

FAX: +86-512-6661-1709

                 Kun-Shan Plant

Kun-Shan Plant

Land size: 33,800 m2

Building size: 8,500 m2

Kun-Shan plant is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in January 2007.





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